Van Eigen Bodem

The new season of the Rietveld Theater is online! It was a pleasure to program the series of classical concerts for the nicest theatre in Delft. In the series, Van Eigen Bodem, I focused on Dutch composers. It has become a hobby and passion of mine to investigate how the Dutch musical life has appeared and sounded in parallel with the ongoing repertoire and everything that has happened in Europe in the field of music. You will be amazed by the treasure of good Dutch music and you will wonder, as I often do, how it is possible that the Dutch repertoire has become so underexposed. I am pleased to introduce you to many musical friends who respond to this with all their craftsmanship, passion and dedication and thus contribute to highlighting Dutch music.

This season there is also attention for musicians from Delft. Young talent from Delft and Delft chamber music ensembles make themselves heard through public master classes and a final concert of a chamber music coaching process. After all, making music is a profession that goes hand in hand with developing a pure and honest passion. There is nothing more fun than working with young talents and amateurs who carry the honest passion close to them and are eager to share it with each other and with you.