At an early age, I was exposed to music. As a shy 4-year-old girl, I loved doing what my older sister did. She was taking violin lessons, so I started playing the violin as well. Although the violin is a beautiful instrument, during a class concert, I discovered that the instrument accompanying me was actually even more beautiful. Captivated by the sounds, harmonies, and layers in the music, I could only focus on one goal: playing the piano.

I was fortunate to have serious teachers guiding me from a young age and enjoyed a versatile musical education in Rotterdam, starting at the Hellendaal Music Institute. Attached to the city and the creative and dynamic atmosphere at the Rotterdam Conservatory, I began studying piano at Codarts. As a student, I have had the privilege of gaining various wonderful experiences playing chamber music and soloing with orchestras. It made me experience that communication through music and the coming together of sound and play elevate themselves to a magical fusion.

Driven to further develop my piano skills, I sought out the teachers who could help me in that journey. To this day, I feel encouraged and inspired by the enthusiasm, dedication, and craftsmanship that my teachers have passed on to me. At the beginning of my professional development, I am honored to have the opportunity to do the same by coaching young piano talents. The interaction between teaching and performing concerts enriches the musical communication that will continue to inspire me throughout my life. What I learn during my concerts, I bring to my lessons and what I learn from teaching, I bring to the stage.

A strong passion for showcasing Dutch music and composers leads me to engaging conversations and collaborations with musicians and composers. By including Dutch compositions in my musical adventures, I strive to give the Dutch branch of classical music its deserved podium. I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming season of the Rietveld Theater, where I have programmed a series of classical concerts on this topic and invited the best musicians who will perform with all their passion and dedication.