Classical music and adventure… the viola garantees!

This recital draws your ears to folklore, rhythmic expressions, warm sounds as well as electronic rhythms and vibrations. This concert promises to be a true adventure where the viola and the piano will be heard together in its richness, warmth and versatility. Duo Buruk-Wieringa takes you from Hungary to a world premiere here in The Netherlands.

Inspired by folk music, Béla Bartók was influenced for his compositions by the folklore he encountered high in the Hungarian mountains. The strong, varied, rhythmic expressions and folk-like dances and tunes blew over to the Netherlands with a fierce wind. The Hungarian-Dutch composer Géza Frid expresses his Hungarian ancestry and seems to blend effortlessly into the Dutch musical life of the past century with his Sonatina for Viola and Piano.

Although, a Dutch oeuvre written for viola is rare, Géza Frid nevertheless manages to flash it out convincingly through his sonatina. It seems  that the renowned Dutch composer Henk Badings was, at least partly, encouraged to build on this sonatina and wrote his own impressive sonata for viola and piano.

In the latter half of the last century, Badings began composing with electronics. His inquisitive attitude as a graduate from TU Delft are reflected in part because he was able to create an environment in collaboration with the electronics company Philips where he could experiment with electronical music. In line with Badings, this concert continues his efforts by embracing new homegrown music with electronic inclusiveness. The Rotterdam composer Oscar van Dillen responds to Badings by writing a new composition for viola, piano and electronics: Ichnofossils. This piece is specially written for the occasion of this concert serie: electronic sound projection should immerse the audience ideally, so should come not from the front, not from the stage, but from the sides or back to create a sound surrounding the audience, to which as a counterpoint the performers, facing the audience, from their own place mix into the music.

Duo Buruk-Wieringa share a true viola and piano adventure and will perform a priceless world premiere of Van Dillen’s Ichnofossils.

Béla Bartók – Romanian Folk Dances for viola and piano

Géza Frid – Sonatina for viola and piano, op. 25

Henk Badings – Sonate for viola and piano

Oscar van Dillen – Ichnofossils, IN PREMIÈRE

Kardelen Buruk – viola

Ellyne Wieringa – Piano

Tour dates 2024

  • 19 may 20.30h, DEN HAAG

BARTHKAPEL, Brouwersgracht 2K, 2512 ER

  • 23 may 20.30h, DELFT

RIETVELD THEATER, HAL015, Schieweg 15B, 2627 AN

  • 24 may 20.30h, AMSTERDAM

AMSTELKERK, Amstelveld 10, 1017 JD

  • 30 may 20.30h, ROTTERDAM

BERGSINGELKERK, Bergsingel 150, 3037 GM

  • 2 june 15.00h, DEN HAAG

THEATER DE REGENTES, Weimarstraat 63, 2562 GR