Codarts Lyceum

At Codarts Lyceum, I teach principal study piano and chamber music to students who are combining their preliminary training at the conservatoire with their secondary education. Young musical talents receive extra music lessons and musical activities in order to focus on their early development as a musicians. It is given to me the special task to accompany the young piassionate pianists and ensembles in this important and inspiring period of their musical lives.

I give substance to my piano class by providing piano duo and group lessons in addition to their individual piano lessons. There is also a piano class concert twice a year and a chamber music concert that I organise outside the regular school concerts. Keep an eye on my agenda for concerts with my students and ensembles from Codarts Lyceum.

Codarts, vakmethodiek

At Codarts, Rotterdam’s conservatoire, I teach piano education, “vakmethodiek”, to the conservatoire’s piano students. The students who are in the 3rd and 4th years of the bachelor are taught piano pedagogy, didactics and methodology by me. The students learn the basics in teaching and are given space to develop themselves as piano teachers.

I invite students to do internal and external internships in the piano teaching field. A nice collaboration that results from this is that I organise an annual workshop Muziek Fantastiek with my internship students, where they themselves take the lead in the didactic part of the workshop. The students also get the opportunity to explore piano-related topics in depth with the young piano talents at Codarts Lyceum during our interactive group lessons.