Coaching Young Piano Talent

Such a pleasure to work with these young talents!

Last school year, I had the privilege of starting my position as a piano teacher at the Havo/VWO for Music and Dance, an integrated high school and preparatory program of Codarts, the Rotterdam Conservatory. The students come from all corners of the country to receive lessons at this talent school. I had the opportunity to establish a piano class where I guide the young talents in their main subject of piano and teach various ensembles in chamber music. The young pianists receive additional support through lessons in piano duos, and besides my group lessons, they also receive group lessons from the conservatory piano main subject teachers Bart van de Roer and Nino Gvetadze.

We concluded the year with a class concert outside the conservatory. It was a true pleasure to witness the growth of these young, passionate pianists. I am looking forward to the next year with a great sense of fulfillment and, above all, as a proud teacher!