New workshop Muziek Fantastiek!

11th of May 2024, Pijnacker

After the successful first edition of Muziek Fantastiek, it comes back alive with a new workshop for children!
The children will together discover nature and then get to let their imagination run wild during a drawing concert.

This workshop will take place in Pijnacker. The children get the chance to go on an expedition with a guide from IVN: Gerda Hoogendam. Gerda (a music lover herslef) will guide the nature excursion by stimulating the children’s curiosity and senses in the beautiful Groenzoom. After the children have recovered with a snack and drink, a true drawing concert will ensue with piano sounds and colouring pencils. With beautiful music inspired by nature, we will let the children be free in their own imagination. They may draw and participate musically in this interactive drawing concert.

Ellyne Wieringa and Damiën Heemskerk are classical pianists who will provide the drawing concert with beautiful music in which nature and especially birds come to life. It promises to be a special, creative and interactive workshop where nature, music and fantasy will come all together.